mycoCLAP is a searchable database of fungal and bacterial genes encoding lignocellulose-active proteins that have been biochemically characterized. All the biochemical properties and functional annotations described in mycoCLAP are manually curated and are based on experimental evidence reported in published literature. The aim of mycoCLAP is to provide data on solely characterized proteins to facilitate the functional annotation of novel lignocellulose-active proteins. The current version of mycoCLAP contains a comprehensive set of fungal glycoside hydrolases, carbohydrate esterases and polysaccharide lyases and enzymes with auxiliary activities.

Efforts to curate lignocellulose-active enzymes from bacteria are currently being undertaken. The database will continue to be updated as more of these enzymes are curated. (Database Search)

Corrections and New Entries

We seek your help in ensuring the data recorded in mycoCLAP are correct and complete. Please use the forms in "Correction" to amend data, and "New Entry" to add new genes and biochemical data.

Searching mycoCLAP

Examples of search terms listed below can be used to retrieve relevant information. The user can customize the search results by choosing the features provided in the "Table". Also, the selected features and entries can be downloaded in a format that is compatible with most worksheets.

Examples of keyword search

Species - Aspergillus niger

Enzyme Name - Xylanase

Protein ID - AAC41684

Entry Name - XYL3A_ASPJA


mycoCLAP database provides detailed information on gene and protein sequences, biochemical properties, annotation, protein features, and links to external resources. The data are organized in the six categories described below.


When using the mycoCLAP database, please cite the following:

Curation of characterized glycoside hydrolases of Fungal origin

Caitlin Murphy, Justin Powlowski, Min Wu, Greg Butler and Adrian Tsang

Database (2011) 2011:bar020 doi: 10.1093/database/bar020

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